Debbie, a nurse from Michigan, was one of the volunteers in August 2008. This young boy from a nearby community had significant infections on his legs and feet that could’ve been prevented with accessible basic medicine. Despite of the severity of his condition, the boy did not once complain but was very thankful.

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One of the programs that OIH provides on mission trips to Bombardopolis is medical. OIH solely depends on volunteers, i.e. doctors, nurses and medical assistants, and donations of supplies, i.e. bandages, anti-bacterial ointments and inflammatory medicines, to provide this service to those who cannot afford even the basic medical care. Around 60% of people living in Haiti, mostly in rural places, do not have access to basic health-care. [1]  List of Needs

The Medical Team in March 2011

The Medical Team in August 2008

Dr. Mary was one of the missionaries from Michigan

Jean was translating for one of the patients; Wanda was a volunter nurse from Michigan

Alma and one of the youngest patients

One of the many children who received vitamins