Support Our Missionaries-Jay and Sarah Abell & Family

Support Our Missionaries-Jay and Sarah Abell & Family

2017 Washington Conference Camp Meeting is an experience we will never forget. We were volunteering with the Beginners II Department. Our good friend, Mike van Steenwyk, introduced us to Jean, president of OIH. During conversation after the evening program, Jean felt impressed to tell us of the organizations’ needs and 10 year prayer for a mission family in Bombardopolis. Sarah could see God’s hand leading as the conversation progressed. Jay requested time for us to pray, talk it over, and sleep on the request. After prayer and discussion, we chose to accept God’s call. It was late in the day when we connected with Jean. His face was aglow as he told us of the vision God had given him and that he had already called the mission board and told them that the prayer had been answered for OIH to have a mission family.

Arrangements were made for Jay and Sarah to go to Bombardolpolis to visit OIH in December 2017. The time passed quickly. We were in Port-au-Prince just hours when Jay turned to Sarah and said, “We’re home”. We fell in love with Haiti. The rest of the trip passed too quickly. Our family will be moving to Bombardopolis in June 2018.

Jay has experience in phlebotomy, EMT, dialysis technician, respiratory therapy, law enforcement, Chaplain Assistant, leadership, Pathfinder Master Guide, foreign relations, semi-truck driver, church elder, Sabbath School teacher, P.E. teacher, audio/visual, and website management. He has volunteered with Pathfinders, Camp Meeting, and other church responsibilities. He enjoys woodworking, auto mechanics, working with young people, skiing and snowboarding, singing, and playing sports.

Sarah has experience in neonatal intensive care nursing, homeschooling, homemaking, cooks’ help, sales associate, academy RA, secretarial duties, Sabbath School teacher, Adventurer Club leader, Pathfinder Master Guide, teacher’s aid, and event planning. She has volunteered at the Beginners II Department of Camp Meeting, Pathfinders, ingathering, sending cookies to soldiers during the holidays, babysitting, and SACS at Loma Linda University. Her hobbies include sewing, knitting, crocheting, reading, riding horses, and singing.

Picture taken at Washington SDA Conference Camp Meeting 2017 after accepting the call to become missionaries.

December 23, 2017 Sabbath afternoon hike while on our visit to the OIH property