The 34' x 60' warehouse is the first building constructed on the OIH property.  It is built with a 34' x 9' x 8.5' concrete cistern designed to catch rain water from its roof.  This feature has already proven to be invaluable by providing water for drinking and mixing cement for the construction of the missionary house. Rocks used for construction are from the property itself.  The Warehouse was completed in July 2009.  Praise the Lord for all the prayers, generous donations, and the workers who built it.  Photos above:  Taken on Feb 2010.
     Sacks  of  food,  wheat,  corn,  rice, and  beans              In  addition  to  non-perishable  food  items, we  are 
     were  purchased in  Gonaive  in  February  2010              now  able  to  securely  store building  supplies also

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