Partner with OIH
Corporate and Company Partnership
1.  Enjoy Tax Benefits
     We are willing and more than happy to work with you to maximize benefits to your company.  In fact, your company          
     can receive up to twice the cost of the gifts or products you donate. 

2.  Your Philantropy can Bring Success
    Through OIH's monthly newsletter and website, we can feature you as one of our gift partners.  More people will know
    about your works/business and your products, which could exceedingly bring profits to your company.

3.  Security and Serenity
     Children directly benefit from your gift.  No item donated to Orphans International Helpline will be sold elsewhere,
     and everything we deliver to the children is always free of charge to them.

4.  Accountability
     Orphans International Helpline is very diligent in their accountability of gifts received.  Below is a list of our expense

          - 90% Program Expenses
          -   5% Administrative Expenses
          -   5% Fund Raising Expenses

Church Partnership
Here are ways that your church can help:
          -Collecting and sending non-perishable items, e.g. children's clothing, shoes, sandals, toys, and beddings
          -Conducting special donation drive
          -Sending a group for a short-term mission trip
          -Hosting a Christian concert on behalf of OIH
          -Adopting one of our community programs
          -Becoming a supporter by making an annual financial pledge to support OIH programs and services

School Partnership
Here are supplies that OIH would benefit from:
          -Glue sticks, crazy glues, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, markers, colored pencils, crayons, rulers,  notebooks, 
           coloring books, papers, folders, small chalkboards, chalks, calculators, staplers, paper clips, school backpacks
 P.O. Box 123
Berrien Springs, MI 49103
269-471-2629 Office
1-800-704-7611 Toll Free
269-815-5064 Fax


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A Registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
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