Well Drilling Project

Well Drilling Project

Would you drink this water?

According to UNICEF, 46% of Haiti’s population lacks access to an improved water source, and most of Haiti’s water is contaminated with human waste and disease. Out of 147 countries, according to Water Resources, Haiti is dead last on the Water Poverty Index table (WPI). Water-borne contaminants, chronic diarrhea, typhoid and hepatitis are the leading causes of death in this country plagued with the highest child mortality rate in the Western hemisphere. OIH plans to change these dismal statistics in Bombardopolis.

The nearest well from the OIH center was approximately 3 miles away.


Through generous donations and countless prayers, OIH was able to purchase an industrial drill in 2009. This is the first piece of equipment of its kind in Bombardoplis. We will drill wells at the OIH mission house including at the Baptist mission house in Bombardopolis, who so graciously invited our smaller missionary groups to stay with them at their facility until our missionary house is completed.

OIH will expand its well drilling project to dig wells for the surrounding communities. This will be an opportunity to do powerful witnessing as we meet an essential need in Bombardopolis.

The well drilling rig and truck sit in Holland, Michigan, awaiting shipment to Haiti. We are still in the fundraising stage for the shipping cost, which is approximately $15,000.

Once the drill is in Port au Prince, it will take approximately 3 – 4 days to drive the drill to Bombardopolis due to the terrible roads that are unpaved, consisting of pot holes that are few feetĀ in diameter. It will be a challenging task to just get the drill to the OIH property. Theo (picture shown on left) has volunteered his time in 2009 to survey the OIH property. From his expertise, OIH purchased a bigger drill than what was originally planned as the first drill in mind wouldn’t have been possible to reach the location of the water source. In addition, the layers of rocks at the OIH property made it necessary to purchase a more durable drill. Theo has generously volunteered to drill the first well in Bombardopolis and teach the OIH staff and the locals on how to operate the equipment.

January 2011

The Well Rig is on its Way

The OIH’s Well Rig was carefully disassembled and completely packed by Theo in the shipping container on Dec 2010. On Dec 6, the container departed Holland, Michigan in the afternoon en route to Miami, Florida where it was expected to leave the port for Gonaive, Haiti on Dec 10.

Due to an expected delay, the Well Rig was shipped to and arrived in Haiti on Jan 2011. It cleared customs on Feb 4. Praise God! OIH president Jean, and friend and volunteer Theo flew to Haiti on the second week of February to oversee the transport of the well rig from Gonaive to Bombardopolis and its assembly.

We are so overwhelmed with gratitude for those who have made this miracle come true. Most importantly, we are so thankful to God for carefully placing the right people at the right place, at the right time to make this project possible.

We are excited for the first well to be completed at the OIH center, where the children will not have to worry about having enough water to drink, to bathe with and to just maintain proper hygiene.

We are also looking forward to start a vegetable garden at the center to provide fresh foods for the children. Having a well will provide so many opportunities to enrich the lives of the children.

OIH will also provide wells for the community so the locals will not have to walk miles for potable water. They too will have enough water to provide their family for drinking, cleaning, watering crops and providing water for their livestock.
This well rig has been a miracle. We pray that the people in Bombardopolis will see how God is using OIH to show His love and mercy to all people, even in one of the most remote places in the world.

February 2011

The Well Rig arrived in Bombardopolis safely. There were many onlookers and volunteers from the neighborhood during the drilling. After reaching approximately 100 feet down, part of the machine broke and fell in the hole that they were working on. This caused a 3-day delay until part of the machine that fell was retrieved. Theo and his team managed to drill down to approximately 250 feet but water was still not in sight.

Theo and Jean returned to the U.S. a week after, putting the project on hold to prepare for the Missionary team that will be arriving in Bombardopolis at the end of March. Upon arrival at the OIH Center this month, Theo and his team will resume with the Well Project. It is estimated that the water source will be located at around 300 feet.