Multi-Purpose Building
The building was completed in 2010 to use for the many programs that OIH provides for the children and the people in the community, i.e. medical clinic. It consists of 3 separate rooms.
During the 2011 Mission Trip, the building was utilized as a medical clinic. In the past, the church on the old OIH property was used as a clinic on mission trips. However, the latter also serves as the school cafeteria and for other school activities. The multi-purpose building has been another blessing to OIH, allowing to run the clinic without interruptions on the school programs.
Having the medical clinic on the newly acquired OIH property was very convenient for the team. Otherwise, we would have to depend on a vehicle to transport all supplies and the medical staff. 
Picture on left:  Brian posing in front of the multi-purpose building. Picture on right:  Alma and the view of the warehouse from the front of the multi-purpose building
Picture on left:  Alma, Natalie, and Jean with some of the curious children in the 2nd room of the building. Picture on right: Pastor Paul showing us around.
 Preparing the medical clinic
Using cinder blocks and spare plywoods as tables.
 Click here to see more pictures of the medical team in action.
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