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Missionary Home
OIH has been blessed with another project.  The construction of the missionary house started during the second half of 2009. Although it still needed cosmetic finishing, the group of missionaries in August 2010 first used the missionary home.  It has 8 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms.  A fully-equipped kitchen and a living room area for fellowship to make this a home!  There is also a patio area to sit in and enjoy God's breathtaking creations up on Bombardopolis mountain.  You can even see the ocean if you stand on top of the roof.

An incredible amount of back-breaking labor has gone into building this house.  There are no powered-tools available in Bombardopolis to expedite or help with the construction, i.e. digging a septic in solid rock was done by using only rock axes, sledge hammers and pikes.  Instead of hiring laborers outside of Bombardopolis, locals were given the opportunity to take part of the construction crew to be able to feed their families. 

"I'm glad OIH has given me something to do," commented by one of the workers to Jean. "There are no jobs here for us." 

The locals can see how OIH is transforming their community and are very supportive of OIH's mission in making a difference in Bombardopolis. 
The missionary house will provide housing for larger groups of volunteers in Bombardopolis. 
August 2011
During a Mission Trip

October 2011
New Coat of Paint

See the stages of the Missionary Home construction.
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