In Loving Memory of Saul and Waldonn 
Due to their sudden death, our hearts are filled with sorrow as we reflect on the lives of our late General Manager Saul Florvilus and our late Communication Director Waldonn Saintcy. They had contributed their God-given talents toward helping children in Bombardopolis. They served as volunteers for OIH. They had a caring heart for community service and especially for children. Their devoted time to OIH will be rewarded by our Lord and Savior when He returns to take us to heaven. May their souls rest in peace. 
May God wipe every tear and give us the calm assurance that one day there will be "no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away," (Revelation 21:4, NIV).
 Saul Pierre Andre Florvilus
On June 26, 2014, Saul died from a fatal accident in the coastal town of L'Estere. He was driving from Port-au-Prince to Bombardopolis, transporting 9 people to attend a funeral and to supervise the OIH's church construction. Six people died on the spot, one died later, and two were seriously injured. The Head of State, on behalf of the government, conveyed a heart felt condolence to the families and relatives of the victims of this terrible accident. 
Saul served for 9 years as our faithful manager of our orphanage, school, feeding, and drilling programs. Although his passing was over a year and a half ago, his absence is still strongly felt until today. He was a quiet and humble man, whose passion for community service and heart for the children of Bombardopolis could easily be seen through his actions.
In addition to his many responsibilities, he also served as a driver for OIH, transporting missionaries and supplies. This way OIH didn't have to hire a driver, which was an additional expense.
Saul was the brother of OIH co-founder and president Jean Florvilus. Saul's father, two brothers, and sister are also major contributing volunteers for OIH in Bombardopolis. Saul's passing has been such a tragic loss. The OIH board of directors, orphans, friends, and family mourn and grieve the loss of our dear brother Saul.
 Waldonn Saintcy
Waldonn Saintcy passed away of a stomach virus that caused him to die after two weeks of severe pain and suffering in April of 2014. He is survived by his wife Dievena and two sons, Bermane (7) and Wymir (4). 
He devoted his heart and soul for the advancement of God's work in Bombardopolis, Haiti. He had volunteered his time and talent to work as our site supervisor, construction manager, school teacher, and lately as our communication director. He was an honest man with a genuine heart for helping children.
Waldonn served as a liaison between the community and OIH. He was an important figure in the community, listening to people's concerns and needs.
The above picture was taken at the OIH's warehouse during the 2011 Mission Trip. He managed the distribution of food to the locals where many walked from miles away. Some of the locals even volunteered on spot, assisting in moving boxes of food. 
 at the missionary house in 2011 
        2008 Mission Trip (in Port-au-Prince)     2010 Mission Trip (buying food in Gonaive)
2010 Mission Trip (OIH Property)    2011 Mission Trip (the future church location)

2008 Mission Trip (in Port-au-Prince getting ready for the long drive to Bombardopolis)
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