Hurricane Matthew
01 November 2016 - Jean is currently in Bombardopolis at the OIH center distributing food and other things to help the people in the area. There are so many people arriving at the center daily that need help. Please keep them in your prayers.
25 October 2016 - OIH President Jean Florvilus traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Oct 19. The last information we received from him was on Oct 20 while traveling with 3 trucks to deliver materials and food to Bombardopolis. He was in a small town prior to Gonaive when heavy rain came. Jean mentioned of extreme flooding in the area, where 7 people (4 children and 3 adults) passed away after being swept away by moving water. The roads were impassable so Jean and others had to stay for the night at that small town. Please keep him and everyone in Haiti in your prayers. The heavy rain has caused many roads impassable.
14 October 2016 - Photos below are from the OIH center that were received by president Jean Florvilus on October 12. People are traveling for miles daily for clean water. We thank God for this well. Please keep the people of Haiti in your daily prayers. Photo on the right shows the OIH Missionary Home in the background.

10 October 2016 -  As news provide update of the devastation of hurricane Matthew, the death toll continues to rise in Haiti. As of 10 October 2016, there are at least 1,000 lives that have been lost. Please pray for their families and friends who are facing the reality of lost loves ones and dealing with another calamity in their community. Cholera outbreak has also become a major threat to thousands of people due to contaminated water and lack of hygiene.
08 October 2016 - We are waiting for more information and photos to share about the OIH children, the center, and the surrounding area in Bombardopolis. Please keep them in your prayers. This hurricane has caused so much devastation in the northwest region where Bombardopolis is located, more than any other hurricanes that the locals remember in their lifetime. As the 2010 earthquake was centered in the southern region of Haiti, the earthquake was felt north but there were no damages. Many traveled north for shelter and food. There are those who moved back to Bombardopolis, where they felt they were safer from another calamity. 
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(photos taken by a person from Bombardopolis) 


 This is not the OIH church but another church in Bombardopolis.

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