Hurricane Matthew Update
OIH President Jean Florvilus traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti on October 19. He was traveling with 3 trucks filled with food and other supplies to Bombardopolis when heavy rain arrived. Extreme flooding caused the roads to be impassable and some people lost their lives. Jean had to stay at a small town prior to Gonaive and waited for the water to recede.
Jean is currently in Bombardopolis now at the OIH center. There are so many people that travel to the center daily seeking for help. Please continue to pray for Haiti.
  (Updated on 01 Nov 2016)
OIH President Jean Florvilus received this week pictures of people from the Bombardopolis area that have traveled for miles for clean water to the OIH center. Cholera has become a big problem in this area as well as many parts of Haiti. We thank God for this well. It has been such a huge blessing not only for OIH but for the people around Bombardopolis. The pump for the well operates on gasoline so it's been working overtime after the hurricane.
 (Updated on 14 Oct 2016)
OIH Well
If you would like to help OIH continue God's work in this region, please DONATE to OIH now. Please include Hurricane Matthew on the comment. 
(Updated on 14 Oct 2016)

Prayers Needed
Continue to pray for those who have been affected by the hurricane and those who are helping on the ground.
OIH President Jean Florvilus will be traveling to Haiti this week to assess the situation in the OIH center, and purchase the materials needed to rebuild the damaged buildings. In addition, he will purchase and distribute food to the community who are in desperate need of help.
Please pray for his safety and God's guidance through this difficult time. Jean grew up in Bombardopolis so this place is very dear to his heart.
(Updated on 10 Oct 2016)
Please Donate
If you are moved to help the people in Bombardopolis, Haiti please DONATE. Please indicate Hurricane Matthew on the comment.
Food and building materials are what they are in need at this time. Most homes are completely destroyed and the people have no shelter.
You may also donate via Paypal,
(Updated on 08 Oct 2016)
Hurricane Matthew
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(Updated on 08 Oct 2016)
Please Pray for Haiti
Category 4 hurricane Matthew hit Haiti this week, 04 October. The OIH children are doing fine but many homes have been destroyed, including 2 OIH buildings in Bombardopolis.
Please pray for the people in Haiti.
More updates will follow as we hear more from our friends and volunteers from Bombardopolis.
(04 Oct 2016)
Temple Nouevelle Jerusalem
Praise God,
From Whom All Blessings Fall
OIH Children
The children dressed in donated Red Wings Hockey shirts
(September 2015)
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