The lives of Jean Florvilus and Brian Ladiny were changed forever in 2003.  Joining a missionary trip to Haiti, they were shocked at the poverty they witnessed and the influence of evil practices in the form of voodoo.  Many of the children they encountered were abandoned either due to the death of their parents or the inability of their parents to care for them due to poverty.  Five-and  six-year-old children were left to their own resources to find food for their meager existence. Statistics indicate that  50% of the children in Haiti die before the age of five because food is scarce and diseases run rampant among children.
Upon returning to the States after the 2003  mission trip, Jean and Brian fasted and prayed for God to show them how they could help these children.  It was not very long before their prayers were answered in the form of some people who had been touched by their story.
While studying at Andrews University, at the end of each semester they combined what little money they had left and sent it to Haiti to feed five children in Bombardopolis.  Jean and Brian shared their vision with their professors, classmates and friends and in return  also contributed to Jean and Brian's feeding program.  By the end of 2004, this program had increased to feeding 213 starving children once a day. 
In 2005 this ministry was officially named Orphans International Helpline (OIH) and was granted its non-profit 501(c)(3) status in the state of Michigan.  Subsequently, a seven member board of directors was elected.
Presently, the ministry is the sole support for more than 275 Haitian orphans in Bombardopolis, Haiti.  OIH provides 3 meals daily, medical care, clothing, education and a safe place to call home to these children. 
In addition, approximately 100 village children (non-sponsored) are fed once a day at the center.  This number vary from day to day depending on the weather as most of these children travel far by foot to reach the OIH center.  Most importantly, all of these children are taught about the love of Christ.  During the summer, OIH holds Vacation Bible School (VBS) and offers it to all the children, sponsored and non-sponsored, in the community.
The mission of Orphans International Helpline is to plant a seed of hope in the hearts of these abandoned children, sharing with them the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ.
OIH is a member of Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries.

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