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This church is a long-awaited answer to many prayers. Thank  you to so many supporters who kept us in their prayers and provided the fund to make this possible. To the countless individuals who poured in hours in building this beautiful church, we can't take you enough.
In August 2011, the church construction started at the OIH property. The seed money was donated and we quickly began building. The foundation was laid but reached a point in the building process where we faced serious financial challenges in order to continue and complete the project. However, God moved hearts of the people to donate the rest of the money for the project.
The church building project had been an interesting one, to say the least. We faced many ups and downs along the way. As the project progressed, local voodoo worshippers came to the building site taunting and jeering the workers, telling that the church would never be built. Gradually, work on the church slowed as financial support waned, then it came to a standstill. It is interesting that the church is the only building project that OIH has undertaken to date that the voodooists demonstrated openly against.
In the past, hundreds of people who attended OIH evangelistic meetings over the years have asked, "When are you going to build a church? We would like to worship in your Christian church. We would like to be baptized." Even though the construction slowed down, then it came to a stop temporarily, there is no doubt the valuable lesson that God has taught many of us. God knows the needs of the people. There is nothing impossible to God.
"With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible." -Mark 10.27 (NKJV)
 August 2015
Church Dedication 
In the might name of the heavenly Father of the orphans, God, we want to make gratitude and attitude towards all our sponsors, friends, and fans, whelped us achieve our missionary goal specially in Bombardopolis, Haiti. Just as Samuel, we can should "Eben Ezer: Thus far the Lord has helped us," (1 Samuel 7:12). Throughout the 2015 year God has protected our staff and children against evil forces. Hallelujah! We continually believe that as we turn our eyes upon Jesus, OIH won't be ashamed.
May the Lord bless your hands and your hears that are open for his cause. Remember that the cause of the orphans is God's (Psalm 68:5). 
Happy New Year (Bonne Annee) 2016 with Jesus!
Pastor Jean Florvilus 
CEO & President 

OIH sponsored a 3-week evangelistic series in August. As a result, fifty-two families were baptized and several couples were married at the new church. 
 See pictures of the Church Construction.
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